Outdoor units CHV6


  • Wide range
  • (Power of one module from 22.4 to 68 kW)
  • Low temperature EVI compressor
  • (Advanced steam injection system optimizes performance and increases heating ability at low temperatures)
  • Rapid compressor warm-up in winter
  • (Reducing compressor warm-up time by 2:00 due to the function of heating the compressor motor windings)
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • (The unit can operate in extreme climatic conditions from -30° C to 24° C, in heating mode, and from -5° C to 55° C, in cooling mode)
  • Modular unit interconnection
  • (Interconnection of 4 outdoor units up to 272 kW)
  • CAN communication bus < / li>
  • (Multi-pole communication technology with high data processing speed allows to combine up to 100 indoor units)
  • Compressor oil level control
  • (Dual oil return system allows storage of up to 95% oil in the compressor. No oil equalizing tube, with modular combination of outdoor units)
  • Intelligent noise reduction
  • (Reducing noise level up to 40 dB (A), at night, thanks to 9 automatic modes, noise reduction)


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