Indoor wall units VERITAS


  • “CH 7-SKY Technology” – a complex filtration system based on seven broad-spectrum filters;
  • Wi-Fi module for air conditioning control via Smartphone / Tablet (OS: Android, iOS);
  • “CH SMART-ION Filter” – a new generation of total air purification technology;
  • Premium energy-saving GENERATON IV equipment (increased quality control of assembly and materials);
  • Advanced software that optimizes the operation of the air conditioner over a wide range of compressor speeds;
  • Self-cleaning indoor unit;
  • Premium remote control with a new ergonomic body, night lighting and germicidal coating;
  • “I FEEL” function – built-in temperature sensor in the remote control. Accuracy of maintaining the temperature of 0.5 ° C;
  • “I-Action” technology – smooth and stable operation of the compressor at ultra-low frequencies (1Hz);
  • Uninterrupted operation in the range of 96V-260V. An innovative, compact transformer;
  • Protect your home from freezing: “+8 degrees” function. The air conditioner will maintain a temperature of 8 ° C, preventing the room from freezing and consuming a minimum of electricity;
    Wide-angle blinds that cover the entire volume of the room;
  • Outdoor unit frost protection;
  • 24-hour timer; Coating “BLUE-FIN”;
  • Comfortable maintenance of temperature in the night mode “SLEEP”;
  • Autonomous dehumidification;
  • Compressor protection;
  • Starting at low outdoor temperatures;
  • Easily demountable housing for quick installation and cleaning;
  • Autorestart function – automatic restart with memorization of settings;
  • Self-diagnosis of malfunctions of the main blocks and modes, absolute protection against incorrect user actions, indicating an error on the display;
  • Full compliance with the European Union Directive ErP (Energy related Products) No. 626/2011 / EU for domestic heat pumps and air conditioners SEER A ++ SCOP A ++ in force from 01-01-2013.


Performance Cold / Warm kWh 2.50/2.80 3.20/3.40 4.60/5.00 6.70/7.25
Air capacity m³/hour 480/370/320/210 560/480/410/290 850/720/610/520 1150/1050/950/850
Sound pressure level dB (A) 40/36/34/29 42/37/34/28 45/41/37/33 48/45/42/39
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 790x200x275 790x200x275 970x224x300 1078x246x325
Weight Kg 9.0 9 13.5 17
Liquid line diameter mm/inch 6.35/1/4” 6.35/1/4” 6.35/1/4” 6.35/1/4”
Gas line diameter mm/inch 9.53/3/8” 9.53/3/8” 9.53/3/8” 15.88/5/8”

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