Mobile dehumidifier WD5


  • Types of operating modes: free dehumidification, sleeping rooms, living rooms, basements and continuous dehumidification;
  • Adjust the humidity range 35% ~ 80%. Adjustment step 5%;
  • Fan speed regulation: high, medium, low;
  • Setting the timer for a period of up to 0.5 to 24 hours;
  • Locking function with indicator light;
  • Original aesthetic LCD display;
  • Filter cleaning indicator, after more than 250 hours of operation, will remind you of the necessary cleaning;
  • Automatic stop. If the condensation container is full, removed from the device, it is not placed correctly, or the humidity is below 5% of the set level, the device will automatically stop working;
  • Memory function. In the event of a power failure, all settings will be saved.


Model CH-D008WD5-20LD CH-D014WD5-30LD 
Performance  l/hour  0.83 1.36
Performance  l/day  20 30
Power consumption   285 500
Operating temperature range  °C  +5/+35  +5/+35
Air flow volume  m³/hour  150/135/125 275/225/200
Tank capacity  4.7 7
Noise level (high, medium, low) dB 36/34/33 39/37/35
Weight   Kg  15.5 18.5
Size mm  355х495х280 380х610х285
Refrigerant type R134A R134A

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